“No Hate Was Being Preached” Praying in a Burnt Church, Minya, Egypt

“No hate was being preached: ‘This will teach us to be better Christians.’” Sunday morning a Dutch and Belgian television crew attended the service in a burnt church in Minya (250 km / 160 miles south of Cairo): the Gad al-Seed evangelical presbyterian church of my former master student and friend pastor Sameh Ibrahim, about which I earlier wrote in the post “Death Where is Your Sting.” Photo’s Burnt Church in Minya Egypt. While the story will be broadcast tonight in the Dutch television program Nieuwsuur, Jan Eikelboom and Ruth Vandewalle of the television crew shared already some very telling pictures on Twitter.

[“Moving pictures this morning. Christians are praying for the first time in their burnt Gad al-Seed church in Minya.”]

[“Rev. Sameh prays with his believers. No hate was being preached. ‘This will teach us to be better Christians.’”]

The following are pictures of other churches and property owned by Christians in Minya that was burnt.

Update Tuesday August 20, 2013. After the broadcast of the program Nieuwsuur, Jan Eikelboom tweets:

[“I can’t remember that I ever got so many reactions. The report has apparantly touched a string and it is good to see that.”]

Click here to watch the Nieuwsuur broadcast (partly Dutch, partly Arabic with Dutch subtitles, some English; pictures will speak for themselves).

Or watch here (the item about Egypt starts after about 10 minutes and after about 12 minutes it deals with churches and Christians in Minya, until about 20 minutes).

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