Kansen en uitdagingen in Egypte

Dr. Ramez Atallah, algemeen directeur van het Egyptisch Bijbelgenootschap, blikt vandaag in een rondzendmail terug op een grootschalige folderactie rond het overlijden van de Koptisch-orthodoxe paus Shenouda III anderhalve maand geleden:

Thank you for your prayers regarding the Bible Society pamphlet commemorating the late Pope Shenouda III. Besides one of the Pope’s beautiful poems, the text included three Scripture passages related to principles upon which his life was based: being filled with the Word of God, teaching the Word of God, and proclaiming the Word of God. People were grateful for this timely message; a reminder to hold onto the solid rock of God’s Word in these difficult days we face.

Our Largest Print-Run Ever


This was the largest print-run we have even done of a single tract. 1 million flyers were immediately sent out to all Bible Society branches throughout the nation. They were distributed in church meetings, Christian organizations and ministries, hospitals, businesses, etc. 31,000 were given out at the Pope’s funeral, and on the following day as military rulers, presidential candidates and top national figures came to the Coptic Cathedral to offer official condolences, it was the only item offered for distribution.

Reaching All Levels of Society

A friend told us how a beggar came asking for a handout. Many beggars will induce the giver with a small leaflet, usually a verse from the Koran, as a blessing in return for their gift. When the beggar noticed the cross in our friend’s car, he pulled out the Bible Society pamphlet about Pope Shenouda!

One of our Bible Society fund-raisers is a volunteer with a ministry to children suffering from cancer. The group made a visit to one of the cancer hospitals that same weekend, just 3 days after the funeral of the Pope. To show his appreciation for their ministry, the (Muslim) manager of the hospital presented to them the Bible Society pamphlet about Pope Shenouda!

Ramez Atallah roept in dezelfde mail ook op tot gebed voor Egypte:

Please continue to pray for Egypt, as we head toward Presidential Elections on May 23 – 24. Pray that these elections will be held as scheduled, and that the right person will be chosen. Please pray for an end to the violence which continues to disrupt normal life. Many of our staff have had a hard time getting to work due to disturbances and delays caused by protests and violence.

Indien u het werk van het Egyptisch Bijbelgenootschap vanuit Nederland financieel wilt steunen, dan bestaat hiervoor een excellente mogelijkheid: lees de projectbeschrijving en maak vervolgens een overboeking met iDeal.

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